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Run Your Shop Like a Pro

Pro shopParents drop off or wait to pick up their kids at your gymnastics gym or club all day every day. What should they do while they wait?

Why shop at your gymnastics gym pro shop, of course!

Capitalizing on a captive audience is an organic fit for any children’s activity center. You run rec programs and competitive training programs. These activities require clothing and gear. Why not put in some best business practices and meet the needs of your market in a one-stop shop? Parents will appreciate your in-house expertise when determining sizing for gymnastics specific items like leotards and gymnastics grips.

Little Madison get a rip in class? You’ve got rip repair right there! Tape’s on tap, too!

TENO-Gifts-Summary-GiftsPlus, your gymnastics club does birthday parties, ninja outings, graduation parties, parents nights out and holiday events… Having a gift shop on the premises makes it just that much easier for everyone to get their gymnastics themed goodies while on one of the many runs parents make shuttling their kids to all their extra-curricular activities.

Getting wholesale prices on all of your products simplifies life and maximizes your market, too!

Ten-o.com offers wholesale pricing for distributors who begin with a $450 order when they open a dealer account. After your initial order, wholesale pricing comes with just a $100 minimum order.

TENO-501BluesGripsOne of our biggest sellers — and yours, too — will be gymnastics grips. We can offer you a savings of 40% off of the regular, retail price. Sizing grips at the gym in collaboration with athletes and coaches, saves time and money to ensure they order the correct grip with the right fit. Families don’t have to wait or pay for shipping and there’s always a solution nearby when a grip, inevitably, gets lost right before the meet.

Ten-o.com’s wholesale dealer discount pricing offers between 20% to 50% off on other items such as leotards, gifts, gymnastics themed clothing, sports medicine supplies and more! 50% off your merch with wholesale pricing lets you “keystone” — or maximize your profit using a 100% markup.

Distributors who purchase By GMR brand equipment and mats receive and additional discount off of their gymnastics club’s equipment, as well!

The good folks at Inside Gymnastics suggest you brand your shop by “Giving it a personality. Own it!” We second that emotion.

We also suggest you locate your gymnastics pro shop up front, near the office, so it’s well positioned for foot traffic. If you sell snacks, sell them out of the shop, so people walk by all of your tantalizing products every time they come to gymnastics, dance or cheer practice.

Also, don’t forget Mom and Dad when stocking those shelves. Children buy gifts for their parents and many gym parents enjoy and are deeply involved in the gymnastics community. Help them show their Gym Mom or Gym Dad pride! Giving kids a gift shopping opportunity where they don’t have to hitch a separate ride makes their purchase that much easier for everyone involved.

gymnasts can flyBy all means, stay current with what’s on trend for both children and savvy parents. Your kids will be more than happy to clue you in: listen to them!  Parenting magazines or many moms’ online obsession: Pinterest, will help you keep up with what’s popular.

Mixing in a few gifts, which aren’t directly related to gymnastics, dance or cheer will help you stand out from the other pro shops in your town, too. Selling products crafted by local artists and artisans is a great way to garner extra favor — and advertising — from your neighbors. Make your gift shop the Go To for both unique and gymnastics themed goodies!

Given that the nature of your business means the traffic in your shop is going to see lots of rowdy little ones, you’ll want to keep the breakables to a minimum or place them higher on shelves. Little chalky hands can get into trouble sometimes.

Naturally, you’ll want to boost your brand by sending things out wrapped or in bags that bear your logo to add a boutique touch that lives on as advertising for your gym’s shop.

As with everything, customer service is key. Teach your employees how to size leos and grips. Sell everything with a smile.

While everyone loves a sale, you’ll want to feature those sparingly, lest people begin to expect and hold off on purchasing until you do one. A mutually beneficial idea would be BOGO 50% or buy 2 or 3, get one free. That will allow you to move merch that’s been sitting around, so that everything stays fresh which is also super important.

Keeping track of sales, costs, inventory, profit and loss with reporting software will help you see what works and what doesn’t and when. You can add a personal touch that shows you care by capturing sizes for grips and apparel. You’ll learn more about your customer base and will be well-positioned to give them what they want and need.

“Mom! Can I get this Gymnasts Can Fly shirt!?! Pleeeeaaaaaase!”


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