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And, The Winner Is!


Do you live in Men’s Gymnastics Region 8? (Hint: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee).

Do you know, coach or parent an accomplished, senior male gymnast who enjoys a stellar GPA at his high school? If so, we’d love to consider him for our annual 10.0 Award!

Every year, we accept and review nominations of excellent high school male gymnasts, who live in the Region 8 area, who might benefit as recipients of our 10.0 Award. Candidates must submit a biography outlining their gymnastics accomplishments, their academic record and a short essay describing their extra-curricular activities.

Winners receive the glass sculpture, you see pictured here, which features a male gymnast training circles on our first product: The MushroomTM, developed in 1978 to train pommel horse skills.

Coaches and judges from Region 8 vote on the candidate whom they think should win.

The 10.0 Award enjoys a long history! We first started giving it in 1984! The list of recipients reads like a who’s who in NCAA and USA Championship gymnastics and includes an Olympic gymnast!



2017 Andrew Bitner: Stanford, 4th All-Around JO Nationals

2016 Anton Voron: Univ. California at Berkley, 5th in Pommel Horse JO Nationals

2015 Rogelio Vasquez: Iowa, 19th in Rings in NCAA Championships, 2016

2014 Quest Hayden: Penn State, 3rd All-Around P&G Championships

2013 Chandler Eggleston: Illinois, 4x NCAA All-American, 2014, 2017

2012 Max Mayer: Illinois, 10th NCAA Top Ten, 2014

2011 Eliot Alvarez: Miami, JO National Championships

2010 Cale Robinson: Stanford, 1st on Vault and Floor Visa Championships

2009 Edward Mesa: 8th All-Around JO Nationals

2008 Patrick Piscitelli: Oklahoma, 7th All-Around JO Nationals

2007 Chris Cameron: Michigan, NCAA Championships 1st Team and All-Around, 2010

2006 Tai Lee: Ohio State, 4th All-Around National Qualifier, 2011

2005 Jake Bateman: Ohio State, NCAA All-American, 2008, 2009

2004 Tom Buese: Illinois, US Junior National Team Member

2003 Sean Blackmon; Navy, 4th in the US in the Still Rings

2002 Justin Laury: Michigan, 2005 Big 10 All-Around Champion

2001 Kelly Lang: Stanford, Team 6th at NCAA Championships, 2002

2000 Dominic Crossey: Central Florida, Aerialist, Disney World Resort; Tokyo Disney

1999 Shannon Carrion: Univ. CA at Berkley, 1st Team Pontiac Int’l Championships

1999 Michael Ashe: Univ. CA at Berkley, 1st Team Pontiac Int’l Championships

1998 Jeff Anderson: Air Force, All-Around, Pommel Horse Record 2000

1997 Andrew Fisher: Air Force, NCAA Rings Qualifier, Still Rings Record 2000

1996 Todd Strada: Iowa, NCAA All-Around 1998, 1999, 2000

1995 SanJuan Jones: FAMU, US Senior National Team 1997, 1998, Fall 2001, Fall 2002

1994 Peter Lombard: Navy, Johns Hopkins MD., Represented Guam in Cycling

1993 Scott McCall: William & Mary, NCAA Ring Champion, 1996

1992 Rick Uptegraff: Stanford & Iowa State, NCAA All-American, 1994

1992 Andrew Manson: Stanford, NCAA All-American Still Rings, 1995

1991 Skeeter Winkler: Michigan, NCAA Floor Champion, 1991

1990 Che Linh Bowers: Nebraska, NCAA Pommel Horse Champion, 1992

1989 Nick Baker: Illinois, MVP Gymnastics 1991 -1993

1988 Donnie Scarlett: Iowa State, 1989-1990 Academic Big 10

1987 Jody Newman: Arizona State, 1989 NCAA Floor Champion

1986 Patrick Kirksey: Nebraska, NCAA All-Around, 1989, NCAA Parallel Bars Champion, 1990, World Championships Team, 1989

1985 William Bass: University of Georgia

1984 Kevin Davis: Nebraska, NCAA All-Around, 1988, US Olympic Team, 1988








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