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Sizing Your Gymnastics Palm Guards


Your beginning gymnast is ready to strap on a palm guard and tackle bars, rings and the horizontal bar! They’re ready to make the transition from bare hands to gymnastics grips that put a barrier in between the equipment and the skin of their palm; thus helping to protect them from the infamous gymnastics “Rip”!

A gymnastics “Rip” is a blister and/or subsequent tearing of the skin of the palm that results from the forces present when a gymnastics swings their body weight from bars and rings. While they’re widely regarded as fact of life and a rite of passage in the life of a gymnast, they’re still not fun.

Wearing gymnastics grips or gymnastics palm guards can help reduce the wear and, literal, tear of the skin by serving as a barrier between their hands and the equipment.

Just as gymnasts don’t come in standard sizes, grips and guards don’t either. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of your gymnast’s palm guards, you’re going to want to measure your athlete’s hands to do your best to get them into the proper sized grip.

We say, “do your best” because, unfortunately, there isn’t an exact science to sizing a gymnastics palm guard grip. It’s more of an art that isn’t fully finished until the grip gets to you and your individual gymnast tries it on in the place and manner they will wear it.

There are several places on the wrist to wear a grip and each gymnast has their own preference. Additionally, there are dimensions to the topology of the hand that can’t be taken into account in a 2D measurement.

When we first started making and selling grips and guards, we had our customers trace their hand and fax or mail that tracing into us for sizing. Old school, right?!

However, after close to 40 years in the business, we’ve fit a lot of grips and guards on a great many hands, and over the years. we saw patters emerge that led us to develop our Ten-o grips specific size charts that come as close as you can get to trying them on… until you can try them on.

The development of our size charts helped to speed up the process and ensure your gymnastics grips get there by your next meet! We still do accept and welcome hand tracings, though, if you’d like to add that little extra pinch of measurement into the mix.

To use one of our gymnastics palm guards size charts, simply measure the hand of the gymnast from the bottom of the palm while it’s fully stretched out to the base of their middle finger and compare the number of inches to the corresponding sizes in the chart below for the palm guards that interest you. Simple as that!

You’ll also want to customize the palm guards finger holes to fit your male or female gymnast’s little fingers. The Pixie, Gecko, Lightweight 1st Palm Guards and 2nd Palm Guard Grips are made with our softest “baby suede” leather that is super easy to break in and fairly fast when it comes to customizing the finger hole sizes. Simply stretch the grips over and down on the fingers by gently pulling them. The finger holes will widen just enough to ensure your gymnast’s palm guards fit like kid gloves!


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