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Next in line! 2nd Grips Palm Guards

2nd-grip-palm-guard   Your beginner gymnast went from bare hands to our lightweight leather series of palm guards, now it’s time to progress from the low beam to the mid-height beam of grips: our 501 2nd Grip Palm Guard.

Gymnast’s hands take a beating doing bars and rings. Forces exerted in swinging and executing difficult skills build up friction and heat that can tear the skin of the palm. Rips are a right of passage, and virtually unavoidable for any serious gymnast, but a good pair of palm guards can lighten the load. They’re also the second step in the progression to the more advanced style dowel grips. Our 2nd Grip palm guard gets your athlete used to wearing leather between their hand and the bar allowing them to progress toward more difficult skills that exert more force on the hands.

Beginning team gymnasts will love this grip!

Our 501 Blues 2nd Grip Palm Guard offers an easy on, easy off hook and loop closure secured with velcro just like the bigger kid’s grips. Plus, it gives them something to fiddle with while waiting their turn in line. Lol.

Both boys and girls wear the two finger holes design this grip offers. Likely, female gymnasts will wear a two-finger grip throughout their tenure on the bars. Male gymnasts may choose to switch to a three-finger grip as their hands grow larger.

As with all grips, you’ll want to customize the size of the holes to fit your athlete’s finger. The softer leather of our 2nd Grip Palm Guard doesn’t require the roll of sandpaper to safely enlarge the fingers holes that you would use with our thicker leather dowel grips. Gently pulling these grips down over the fingers will give you the stretch you need for a comfortable fit.


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