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GymnastX: Xcellence in Grips Security!

X-Band-Black-FREE-SHIPPING_xb340-b_R_24719f3fGymnastics provides a springboard to a lot of places in life: coaching, counseling, college scholarships, gym ownership, a lifelong love of physical fitness; a rarefied few make it to the Olympic podium. For Chris Lung, beginning gymnastics at the age of 4 paved his path to entrepreneurship as the founder of GymnastX.

Like GMR, GymnastX is a gymnastics gear and apparel company that cares. They sell silicon bands that secure the velcro grips gymnasts wear to prevent them from ripping off the bar. They sell stylish sports wear and specially treaded socks that keep gymnasts from slipping on the floor. Of significant importance, they provide financial support to individual gymnasts and causes near and dear to the hearts of the community as a whole.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Chris and GymnastX to sell a selection of their X Band designs on our website with Free Shipping in the contiguous United States.

GymnastX Founder and CEO, Chris Lung’s life follows a course familiar to many gymnasts. He began his love of gymnastics as a pre-schooler. He went on to excel in the sport throughout his education. When he was on the gymnastics team as a high school senior, Chris made it to the United States’ national team where his hard work, skill, drive and dedication earned him the title of National Champion in the pommel horse event.

Good grades and gymnastics excellence garnered him a scholarship to the University of Illinois where he competed all 4 years. His senior year saw Chris take leadership of the university’s gymnastics team as its captain. That same year, the team won the Big Ten Championship and Chris earned the esteemed title of All-American in his best event the pommel horse. Though, if you ask him, Chris will tell you the high bar is his favorite.

After graduation, Chris went to work on his MBA from Babson College, a school renowned the world over for its focus and excellence in turning students into entrepreneurs. It was in an assignment for his entrepreneurship class that GymnastX was born.


Evolve with EVO-Black!

Ten-o.com is now selling AAI’s EVO-Black product line!

GMR is always working to bring our customers the very best in gymnastics equipment: be it from our own innovative, made-in America, ByGMR product line or those of other reputable gymnastics equipment companies. We look out for all of our customers by offering new and used equipment at diverse price points. No matter if you’re just starting out or updating your decades old, we’ve got just what you need.

AAI’s EVO-Black products are the next evolution in gymnastics equipment technology for the competitive, competition-oriented gymnastics gym. As with all your best gymnastics routines, it’s the little tweaks that take it to the next level. So it goes with the equipment you use to train and compete.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new with AAI’s EVO-Black equipment!


EVO-Black Uneven Bars

  • Longer pistons provide additional height for taller gymnasts.
  • Get maximum performance with an E-rail (Also, available with an X-Rail)
  • Lower spinlocks for easy accessibility
  • Dual height markings provide convenient visibility when making adjustments
  • Single adjustment collar offer simple width adjustment
  • New E-Locks give a stronger hold to the upright
  • Raised attachment point of the spreader bar on the low bar improves stability 
  • Better height visibility for FIG & Domestic settings
  • Cables and swivel tie downs are designed to transfer any load sustained by the cables to your floor plates
  • Can be used with AAI®’s Freestanding systemEVO-BLACK-Balance-Beam_407715_R_24968106

EVO-Black Balance Beam

• Height adjustments glide with ease for quick changes

• Internal reflex system helps reduce stress on the athlete’s body

• Upgraded internal slide plates and rollers

• Clear and accurate settings of 100-125cm

• Improved padded beam caps for a secure fit

• A strong base helps reduce vibration during use

• Sleek tubular design with baked on black vein finish

• Ease of assembly with minimal hardware


Bring Your A-Game to Your Trampoline Frame!

Custom-Trampoline-Frame-Pads_tfp_R_200a5e00Did you know that we make replacement pads for any trampoline frame out there? Got an old or original Nissen trampoline? No problem. Got an AMF, a Gym Master, an Action folding or non-folding trampoline? What about an in-ground? It’s all good!

Maybe you want a custom color or have a unique gym design that merits a custom cut frame pad to skirt around a spring floor or other piece of equipment or feature of your gym. No problemo, mis amigos!

Some of the Nissen and AMF trampolines use a wide-side frame where an extra bar runs down the length of the frame that allows a coach to stand close and spot their athlete, we do those, too!

If you can jump on it, we can pad the frame around it!

Trampoline beds come in sizes that are either 6ft. x 12ft. or 7ft. x 14ft. This means they have frames that measure approximately 9ft. x 15ft. or 10ft. x 17ft., respectively. Trampoline frames are composed of metal and springs and pokey bits that No One wants to encounter with bare feet or body parts when training or competing. Safety is paramount when employing the forces and hitting the heights we see in gymnastics trampolining.

Our frame pads put your gymnasts out of harms way, so they can concentrate on perfecting their skills.


Exchange Items Ship for Free!

PumpkinAnPickTicketOrder the wrong size of grips? Want a t-shirt in a different color? No problem. We can exchange any small items such as grips, apparel, training support gear and we’ll ship your exchange item for free! That’s right! Free shipping on your exchange!

No one likes a hassle. While some companies may make you call and get a return authorization or make you buy some return coupon that pays for the shipping on your exchange item, we don’t want our customers to have to deal with all that. We know just how busy you are running a gym that does it all. You train serious gymnasts. You run rec programs that help local kids stay fit and local parents stay sane. You’re up to your eyeballs in birthday parties, ninja programs, organizing next week’s clinic or summer camp, getting your kids through TOPS testing or putting the polishes on a new routine for, oh yeah, the gymnastics meet your hosting next month. You’re busy. We’re busy. Let’s just make the exchange. No fuss. No muss.

It would be cool, if you still had your return ticket and could fill it out with your return item, but eh, maybe your dog ate it. We know that happens sometimes: GMR takes care of 15 rescue dogs. Dogs chew things…

Anyway, we’re cool with it. Just pop the items you want to return back into your original shipping package (if the dog left that) or into something that gets it to our Lithonia HQ.

Just be sure and let us know what you want in exchange for the item. That’s the important part.

Easy peasy. Fill out the ticket or just scratch out a note with your name, address, phone number, email address and what you’d like us to send you in exchange and will dash those new grips or that “Got Chalk” tee back to your door, for free!

Learn the Ropes!


Could your child be the next American Ninja Warrior? Could they conquer the daunting 75 foot climbing rope on Mt. Midoriyama? To date, only two competitors have ever finished Mt. Midoriyama’s harrowing course. Isaac Caldiero, who trains full time to compete on the show, earned himself a cool one million by climbing the 75 foot rope in 26.14 seconds!

So maybe, your athletes’ goals aren’t as crazy as becoming the next American Ninja Warrior on national television. Perhaps, they’re aiming for success as a gymnast in the USA Gymnastics TOPS program (talent opportunities program) which includes its own, much more modest, rope climbing.

In TOPS testing, gymnasts in age groups 7 & 8 and 9 – 11 must climb 6 and 12 foot ropes, respectively. They may not use their hands and must hold as close to a perfect 90 degree piked position, as possible, using only their hands.

Outside of TOPS, the rope climb is no longer a gymnastics competition event. It used to be, though. Mike remembers meets where they would clamber up a 20ft. rope with the hopes of being the first to touch the “tambourine” (basically a wooden disc with no jingle).

Up until 1932, the gymnastics rope climb was part of the Olympic Games where athletes climbed for speed while maintaining the same heels together piked position in today’s TOPS. The world record for the 20ft climb was first achieved in the 1950’s by American Don Perry who hit the tambourine in 2.8 seconds. Let’s say that again: Don Perry climbed a 20 foot rope in 2.8 seconds!

Even if you’re not climbing competitively, rope climbing makes an excellent conditioning practice. Climbing ropes works the upper body and the core, especially when you  maintain a gymnastics’ 90 degree piked position as you ascend and descend.


Made in America With More Bounce for Your Buck.

track long

By GMR didn’t invent the Tumble Track; we just improved it. And, we manufacture it right here in the United States. Lithonia, Georgia to be exact.

If you’re not familiar, a tumble track is a long trampoline-like bed practice strip that helps gymnasts log the repetition that builds muscle memory into their skills without adding the bone and muscle micro-trauma that typically occurs along with pounding one’s body over and over onto a hard surface — even if that surface is a spring floor.

There are a few things you want out of your tumble track. One of them is bounce such that it is tight and doesn’t bottom out. Another is strength, particularly at the end where the gymnast is preparing their takeoff. You don’t want them to “bottom out” when preparing to punch their heavier skills. For that, it takes intelligent engineering built into your bed.

Your By GMR Tumble Track brings you all that and more with our dual tension spring system. All of our springs are 8 inches long. Being 8 inches long means our springs have more coils, more spring and more stretch!

Our springs are spaced 1.5 inches apart for action, more bounce, easier tumbling. Other trampoline practice strip makers spaced them 2.5 inches apart. We offer twice the springs. Twice the action for a competitive price!

Plus! Our dual tension spring system features our standard silver standard springs throughout the bed to keep it light for ease in tumbling then adds extra oomph at the end with our heavier gold spring to help punch the end for the take-off for their somersault etc.. Our By GMR tumbling practice strips are designed by gymnasts and coaches for gymnasts and coaches!


Hit the Spot!


Gymnastics coaches are looking at a multitude of factors in the split second, real time it takes to execute a skill like a reverse hecht, a yaeger or a pirouette. Coaches are looking at things like body position, angle, toe point, momentum and most importantly of all… how to prevent or stop a life changing injury.

The last thing gymnastics coaches need, in those moments, is to worry about whether they feel stable or are going to fall off a wobbly or mushy spotting block.

Other gymnastics industry spotting blocks are comprised of only a top layer of cross link polyethylene foam over a block of polyurethane foam.

Ours are different.

Mike spent over a decade climbing atop a spotting block coaching his boys’ teams. He knows coaches focused on minutiae in the movements of their gymnasts, as they drill and execute complex skills, require a balanced and stable platform that will support their weight.

nekkid blockAll sides of our By GMR spotting blocks are covered in a 1 3/8in. crosslink foam. Not just the top! Inside this cube of crosslink is a block of high density, hard foam. The whole thing is wrapped in 18oz. double coated polyester fabric to make it easy to clean and as durable on the outside, as it is on the inside. To move from station to station in your gym, just grab the handles.

Our ByGMR spotting blocks come standard in red, so you can find them in the sea of blue mats found in most gyms. However, if you’ve got another color preference, we’d be happy to accommodate you. We offer a variety of custom colors. If you like, we can also add velcro to the bottom, so that it sticks to your gymnastics club’s carpet bonded foam for ninja or parkour fun!

Spotting blocks come in the two sizes: 2ft x 2ft x 4ft or 2ft x 3ft x 4ft. Or you can go with our Multi-mods spotting block system.

The Multi-Mods spotting block comes with 3 blocks of differing sizes in yellow, red and blue for quick differentiation. They are 11in., 19in. and 27 in., respectively.

Each module secures with hook and loop flaps and can be secured to the bar upright with straps, so it will not turn over. The Multi-mods block is perfect for uneven bars, rings, high bar or a single bar trainer. Individually the blocks can be used as a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award stand. They also make great climbing elements for pre-school and special needs gymnastics classes or ninja, parkour programs.