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Ninja At The Gym? Of Course?

real-life-ninja-all-in-package_rln-all_r_236b4aa9Gymnasts as ninjas? It’s the perfect career path! Agility, strength and the ability to flip at whim all reside comfortably in the gymnast’s wheelhouse. But, where to hone these stealth ninja skills?

These last few years, gymnastics clubs have seen an ever increasing demand for ninja action classes in their gyms. What is ninja in the gymnastics context? Well, what we call ninja also goes by parkour and free running in the wider world.

Parkour comes from the French word “parcours” which means running from one point to another in the quickest, most direct way — no matter the obstacle. In fact! It’s the obstacles that make it all the more challenging and fun!

To meet your ninja needs, we’ve added more obstacles (mats and climbing rigs), so YOUR GYM can serve your parkour public! Ninja birthday parties are all the rage with the kids meaning they’re great gym club money makers. Adults, too, are getting in on the action as the popularity of the American Ninja Warrior television show rises.


2019! New Year! New Products!

dept-mid-ninjaparkour-2x (1)

2018 was an extra special year for us at GMR Gymnastics Sales; in that we celebrated our 40th year in the gymnastics gear and equipment business! We are so blessed to work to support the beautiful, strong and graceful sport of gymnastics that brings so much grace to the lives it touches. These 40 years we’ve literally a labored in love.

None of which would be possible without the coaches, gymnasts and gym owners that are the backbone of gymnastics. We learn from you all the time and love it when we get an opportunity to collaborate for the benefit of gymnasts. Last year, we had the honor of working with Coaches Dawn Campos and Danelle Catlett of Solid Rock Gymnastics LINK to create the Dawn Mat. The Dawn Mat offers a built-in spotting deck attached to a downward slope that is still 12 inches from the ground. This one of a kind wedge shape lets you position a skill cushion at the end of the mat for softer landings. Used horizontally or vertically, it’s super versatile for a variety of skill drills. For more info and video of many of the skills you can train using this unique GMR/Coach mat collabo, do check out this post.

trapezoid-36x48x48_m151_r_23c66225 (1)Mat-wise, we’ve also updated the colors on our gymnastics trapezoid mat. For spotting or vaulting, our height adjustable trapezoids now come in the fun new colors: orange, purple, lime green, blue.

Last year, on Facebook, we asked our gymnastics community friends what YOU could use in your gymnastics practice. Based on your feedback, we developed the S-band and the #3 to help you keep your gymnastics grips in place. Less fiddling, more swinging!


Gold Medal Gymnastics Gifts for Coaches and Kids!

Crazy-Coach-Tee_ts1172_R_15d45cdf“You don’t have to be crazy to be a coach. The gymnasts will train you.” Ha! Truer words were never put on a tee shirt. That’s why you should score your coach or gymnast the perfect gymnastics Christmas gift this year!

Maybe people can tell you’re into gymnastics by your excellent physical condition or killer flexibility, your daring attitude in life and the fact that just about everything you own might be covered in chalk. But, why not rep the sport you love and the life you live with a gymnastics tee shirt or hoodie this Christmas?

Better yet, why not help your friends and loved ones tell the world they do the baddest sport there is: gymnastics!

X-Ray-Stag-Black-Tee_ts1300_R_1e79c33cShort-sleeved for the summer, longer sleeves for the evening, a hoodie to keep you warm in the gym until its your turn at the bars or while your biggest champion is gently suggesting, for the 5th time, to, “Point Those Toes!” Graphic tees and hoodies make fun gifts for your gymnastics lover this holiday season because they never go out of style!

You know the coach is always right. Show them your gymnast is listening with great gymnastics coach gifts like. “I’m the coach. To save time, I know everything”, “Don’t make me use my coach’s voice”, “Try doing what the coach suggested” and more! I’m sure we’ve got a tee shirt that would look great on your favorite gymnastics coach!

Are you a “Spoiled Rotten Gymnast”? Lol. Is “Gymnastics a gripping experience” for you? “It’s your moment. Own it”! Because…. This Christmas! “Gymnastics that’s whassup!”

To show the world that you and your coach, Got Chalk!”, gymnastics tee shirts and hoodies make great gifts. Branch out into “Got Chalk” bracelets, pens, bags, shorts, watches, jammies and more! Gymnastics themed gifts land a surefire hit at the gym Christmas party, making choosing a coach gift a done and DISCOUNTED deal!


Get a Handle on The Mushroom!


Start ‘em young. Circular shaped The Mushroom™ , is much easier to navigate for smaller gymnasts than the mens’ pommel horse. But, if you keep their eyes on the prize and their hands on The Mushroom™ from an early age, you’re pretty much guaranteed a skilled work horseman when they’re older.


Our “Old Gymnastics Guy”, Mike, did gymnastics in his youth; he trained many, many a young male gymnast for years after. He has seen, um, first hand how developing the hand skills and musculature of gymnastics Mushroom™ horse circles develops boys’ gymnastics into mens’.

Mike saw this way back in 1978, when he developed America’s first Mushroom™. He caught that glimpse into the future from watching films of Russian gymnasts training on a similar piece of equipment — not on YouTube, mind you, but on Super 8 film!

Back then, it was unheard of for America’s boy gymnasts to do circles and no such piece of training equipment for it existed here in the states. The benefits were clear in the success of Russia’s and Japan’s young athletes. So, why not make one and give American gymnasts that edge, too?


Gymnastics Gifts Galore!

Winter-Wonderland-Christmas-Ball-FREE-SHIPPING_co13318_R_234f9db4We’re stuffed full of stuffing and gnawing our way through Thanksgiving leftovers and Boom! It’s Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa shopping season!

Your child eats, sleeps and breathes gymnastics. Coaches get gifts for their athletes and gymnasts give appreciation gifts to their coaches who do so much for them all year. Sure the stores are full of stuff, but where do you get the good stuff? The gymnastics goodies?! Why Ten-o of course!

Sort of like your own, gymnastics themed advent calendar, every day ’til Friday, the 21st of December. We want to make sure and have enough shipping lead time. Ordering early means you can use regular shipping. As you get later in the season, it will require 2nd Day or Express Mail to get it to you in time for your holiday celebration. We’re offering deals of the day on all your gymnastics goodness for kids and coaches, alike!

From discounts on graphic tee-shirts to gymnastics charms, leotards, grips and more, check in at ten-o.com daily for the ease of finding the perfect present for the gymnastics geeks in your life! At a discount!

Stuff your stockings to the brim with pins and charms to bring smiles to the eyes of your favorite gymnast! Does your gym or home do a Christmas tree? Your gym? Deck the hallowed halls of your gymnastics club or living room with our annual, collectible Christmas ornament!

Every year since forever, or actually 1996. Our skilled elves handpaint a gymnastics themed Christmas ornament to decorate your tree with the spirit of gymnastics Christmas present!

Holiday-Leap-Retrospective-Set-of-6-Mini-Christmas-Balls_cb6_R_15d6c48f                                           Gymnastic-Skills-Retro-Mini-Christmas-Ball-Set-of-6_xb16_R_1f7fd762     

It’s actually pretty amazing how they do it. Each ornament is delicately painted through a tiny hole on the inside to capture the joy that is our beloved sport!

This year our ornament features a gymnast in flight in our “Winter Wonderland” edition.  Shipping is FREE, ho ho ho!

Maybe, like so many, you’ve collected them over the years. Or, if you’re new to the game, you can score this year’s ornament and stock up on the ornaments of Christmases passed.

Of course, you’re going to want to keep it cute. We’ve made it easy for you with our beautiful holiday foil bags. We wanted to give this year’s gymnastics gift that extra special flare. Wrapping can be fun or it can be a pain in the rear. Sometimes it feels silly when it’s something small, but still you want to add some sparkle.

Colored-Foil-Envelope-114-x-162mm_fenv2018_R_238846f5Our foil bags in winter holiday colors are sturdy and gorgeous: gold, red and USA flag! Finish it off with a gymnastics themed label that comes with it to make it part and parcel of your gymnastics life. Even better! The foil bags get cheaper when you buy a bit more. 10 or less for $2 a piece. 11 or more for $1! These are a great opportunity for coaches to shower holiday joy on all their athletes and keep everyone connected.

We also have some super cute holiday envelopes with gymnastics gift labels for the same killer quantity based deal. Buy 10 or less and they’re a $1. 11 or more and they’re a mere .50 a piece.

If you’re a gymnast and wondering what to get your coach, no worries there. We got you! When you hit the home page daily for our Christmas deals, you’ll surely hit the jackpot with our 25% off on graphic tees deal for that tell-it-like-it-is coach in your life!

The Hottest Thing in Firefighting Training!

GPalt3Many acts of death defying skill and bravery end up on gymnastics mats. Not all of them involve gymnastics.

Fire departments use resi pit mats in their skills and safety training efforts. When training new firefighters to offset the physics of jumping out of a window or to survive the fall when the floor of a burning house has given way, fire departments use resi pits as staging mats in drop and roll skill drills.

For those readers who aren’t up on all the gymnastics jargon, a resi pit gymnastics mat doesn’t necessarily mean a mat set into a hole in the ground or a mat surrounded by walls. Don’t let the word “pit” throw you off. Resi pit is just what we call it in the biz.

A resi pit mat is simply a Very Thick Foam Mat. Our By GMR resi pit mats are typically 24in. or 32in. thick. Inside, we use a channel or ripple foam design that’s specifically engineered to provide the softest landing by allowing air to escape through mesh side panels as it absorbs the force of a falling gymnast or… firefighter! The channel foam design is built to give — producing a much softer landing than would be the splat of landing on a hard, solid foam block. 


Better Spotting on Deck with ByGMR!

Adjustable-Spotting-DeckEffective gymnastics coaching means getting in there and making corrections to body positioning for both safety and aesthetics. Gymnastics coaching is a hands on business. Describing actions with words, alone, only takes you so far. The real changes happen when coaches get up close and personal allowing their athletes’ bodies to feel the desired alignment, as they move through the skill.

That’s where your ByGMR spotting deck lets you, literally, step up to the task!

Our gymnastics spotting deck features a 2ft x 4ft full platform that provides 2 feet on either side of your single bar trainer, allowing the coach the stability needed to straddle the bar, should they so choose, so they can manipulate bodies in motion, in real time.

Giants, blind changes and pirouettes are staple skills in advanced gymnastics bar work. Having their coach by their side can jumpstart a gymnast’s confidence as they approach trickier, at first more frightening, skills. Knowing their kid’s gym has top of the line, professional tools to guide their child through more advanced moves soothes a parent’s nerves, too, as they watch their child grow in their gymnastics training.

Our gymnastics spotting deck doesn’t hinge up or retract nailing down that added stability you want from a spotting deck. For safety and comfort, it comes padded with 1 3/8 cross link foam. 2 clamps and 2 spinlocks keep it locked in place for the safety of the gymnast and the coach. Most gymnastics gyms leave their decks in place because it is such a useful piece of equipment when shaping, but it is removable should you need to take it down. We offer removable and non-removable spotting decks for your professional gymnastics body shaping pleasure!

This spotting deck’s super stable construction uses 2 jaws in opposite directions to make this puppy rock solid until You Choose to Move It. Gymnastics gyms are places with lots of things happening at once and time is of the essence when keeping classes on schedule. To take it off, two people use a tilting motion to disengage it’s pit-bull like jaw features and it’s removed quick and easy for busy coaches in a dynamic gym club environment.

It’s so solid that gymnasts can also use it to climb up to the bar. After all, most gymnasts are not built like basketball players! Lol.

Gymnasts are also not divers and should not attempt to do anything silly like dive or somersault off it. Really! No back layout full twists. Save that for floor ex!