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Enter to Win!


Aisle 200, Booth #223 is where it’s at!

To highlight the advantages of our By GMR, Sag Bed Pit Bed System, we’re bringing a see-through, plexiglass, mini-Sag Bed Pit System to the trade show floor — complete with itty bitty, 2 inch, colored cubes for your pit cube counting pleasure!

Are you good at math, psychic or just generally lucky? Why not stop by and give us your best guess as to how many pit cubes we’ve used to fill our mini-Sag Bed Pit System gym pit?!

The Pit Specialists at By GMR, want you to see for yourself how our Sag Bed Pit System helps protect your athletes from the forces generated by all of those gravity defying skills we’ve come to love in our sport.

Our Sag Bed Pit Systems can be used to retro-fit your old pit or to start off right with your new gymnastics gym pit. For more information, we talk pits in depth here.


The lucky winner who comes closest to correctly guessing the number of tiny pit cubes we’ve used to fill the pit wins a $200 gift certificate to be used to make their GMR dreams come true!

But, that’s not all! (more…)

Our Deliveries Stick the Landing


On the surface, it’s not the most thrilling of blog topics. We know that. Careful packing and shipping is, however, what gets your equipment to your gym in pristine condition.

Ten-o.com and By GMR products ship all over the United States and around the world. By land, by air, by sea, even!

Whether you need it in Kentucky or Kenya, we take special care to ensure it gets to you as pretty as the picture in the catalogue or on our website.

Yes, we sweat the small stuff, too. For little things like leos, pins, tape, gifts and our world famous Christmas ornaments, we offer a range of shipping options to suit your preference and budget. You can choose FedEx or USPS ground, 1st or 2nd day air.

We employ a system that tracks packages at every step and keeps you apprised of their movements. We scan and you get an email automatically with the tracking number that will let you watch it wing its way to your door.

Need it for lil Susie’s meet this weekend? We got you!

And, The Winner Is!


Do you live in Men’s Gymnastics Region 8? (Hint: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee).

Do you know, coach or parent an accomplished, senior male gymnast who enjoys a stellar GPA at his high school? If so, we’d love to consider him for our annual 10.0 Award!

Every year, we accept and review nominations of excellent high school male gymnasts, who live in the Region 8 area, who might benefit as recipients of our 10.0 Award. Candidates must submit a biography outlining their gymnastics accomplishments, their academic record and a short essay describing their extra-curricular activities. (more…)

Gym Pits: The Hole Truth


Walk into any gymnastics club or cheerleading gym and you’ll see a big spot somewhere filled to near overflowing (if they’re doing it right) with foam blocks. It will scream: “Jump!!!!! Take a running, flying leap into this big pit of foam filled fun!!!! Do Eeet!!!”

And, that’s exactly what people do.

In fact, you’ll see gymnasts and cheerleaders take running, twisting, flipping leaps into them straight off the floor or off of the other equipment native to gymnastics: uneven or horizontal bars, beams, vault tables or rings.

These athletes, male and female, are training gymnastics drills and skills or cheerleading.

Now, you might picture these small oasis of foam as rectangles, and it’s true, some of them are. Our most widely used gym pit design, however, is the classic L-shaped Pit.

The Evolution of GMR: “I never really wanted to be an accountant, anyway!”


Born in ’52, George Michael Raines, President of GMR Gymnastics Sales (Yep! GMR…) found his passion for gymnastics at pools, trampoline parks and Lakeside High School.

An active, but shy kid, Mike practically grew up in the neighborhood pool and took to diving as a sport at age 10. Family outings to the local, in-ground trampoline park and his brother Tom’s trampolining at Briarcliff High School inspired Mike to try out for his school’s gymnastics team in the 8th grade. Mike remembers, still sounding a bit disheartened, “The coach dropped me because he wanted the older guys.”

“When I got to the 9th grade, my school didn’t have a team, as such. Guys who liked gymnastics tumbled on horse hair mats in the cafeteria after school. We did it on our own.” (more…)

Part 2, The Evolution of GMR Gymnastics Sales: Coach Mike!


“In 1975, by night, I coached with Joe at Lovett high school in Atlanta when the private gym club market started taking off. By day, I worked at Gwinnett Gym Center, owned by my former teammate Dan Thaxton. From there, I went to the Atlanta School of Gymnastics where another former UGA teammate, Gene Watson, joined me and we began our boys’ program.”

In those days, gymnastics training occurred in what were called classes rather than levels. Mike started with younger boys aged 6 to 10 in classes 1 – 4, class 1 being the most advanced.

Now, gymnasts are grouped into levels from 1 – 10, with 10 as the most advanced before Elite. When word got around that Mike was coaching, he began to work with older boys, ages 13 to 17, some of whom he recruited from local high schools. (more…)

The Evolution of GMR: This Modern World! Part 3


Mike and Kappy broke more than a few barriers in the sport of gymnastics: they opened minds and new markets.

In those days, there were no female judges in boy’s gymnastics. Mike and Kappy changed that, too. One Saturday night at a judges meeting… (more…)