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Hit the Spot!


Gymnastics coaches are looking at a multitude of factors in the split second, real time it takes to execute a skill like a reverse hecht, a yaeger or a pirouette. Coaches are looking at things like body position, angle, toe point, momentum and most importantly of all… how to prevent or stop a life changing injury.

The last thing gymnastics coaches need, in those moments, is to worry about whether they feel stable or are going to fall off a wobbly or mushy spotting block.

Other gymnastics industry spotting blocks are comprised of only a top layer of cross link polyethylene foam over a block of polyurethane foam.

Ours are different.

Mike spent over a decade climbing atop a spotting block coaching his boys’ teams. He knows coaches focused on minutiae in the movements of their gymnasts, as they drill and execute complex skills, require a balanced and stable platform that will support their weight.

nekkid blockAll sides of our By GMR spotting blocks are covered in a 1 3/8in. crosslink foam. Not just the top! Inside this cube of crosslink is a block of high density, hard foam. The whole thing is wrapped in 18oz. double coated polyester fabric to make it easy to clean and as durable on the outside, as it is on the inside. To move from station to station in your gym, just grab the handles.

Our ByGMR spotting blocks come standard in red, so you can find them in the sea of blue mats found in most gyms. However, if you’ve got another color preference, we’d be happy to accommodate you. We offer a variety of custom colors. If you like, we can also add velcro to the bottom, so that it sticks to your gymnastics club’s carpet bonded foam for ninja or parkour fun!

Spotting blocks come in the two sizes: 2ft x 2ft x 4ft or 2ft x 3ft x 4ft. Or you can go with our Multi-mods spotting block system.

The Multi-Mods spotting block comes with 3 blocks of differing sizes in yellow, red and blue for quick differentiation. They are 11in., 19in. and 27 in., respectively.

Each module secures with hook and loop flaps and can be secured to the bar upright with straps, so it will not turn over. The Multi-mods block is perfect for uneven bars, rings, high bar or a single bar trainer. Individually the blocks can be used as a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place award stand. They also make great climbing elements for pre-school and special needs gymnastics classes or ninja, parkour programs.

Go Hard On Our Soft Rails!

ByGMR-40mm-Graphite-Soft-Rail_a40945_R_243fa5a2Details count in gymnastics. All of them. Every toe point and wobble counts, or doesn’t. Excellence is measured to even a thousandth of a point.

When your athletes train for hours upon hours, day after day, trading evenings out with friends, dates, birthday parties… regular every day leisure time to perfect their craft, they expect the best from themselves and their equipment. You and your athletes get deep in the details and so do we.

That’s why we’re offering our new 40mm Graphite Soft Rail. It’s constructed with a hollow fiberglass core securely surrounded by a laminated wood veneer to give it that smooth surface you know and love in your By GMR gymnastics bar rails. What makes the 40mm Graphite Soft Rail special is that the fiberglass tube inside contains fewer strands of fiber. This makes the rail ‘softer’ and more flexible. It gives it more ‘give’, if you will.

That softness and flexibility provides your athletes a finer edge when training and competing. A ‘softer’, more flexible rail bends with the weight and movement of the gymnast. As it bends, as opposed to being stiff, the rail recoils or recovers more quickly to the center position. A softer gymnastics bar rail offers more dynamic action that, in turn, provides your gymnasts more momentum to complete their skills. They swing easier. They train easier.

They also train on the type of rail they will meet in competition. Our 40mm Graphite Soft Rail complies with USAG, NCAA and NFHS competition specifications. Each bar rail is 94.5″ long from center to center of the attachment point with grey end collars. It will fit BY GMR unevens, single bar trainers and other gymnastics bar equipment similar in design.

A critical note, due to the softness of the rail and it’s resultant flexibility you would only use this rail on cabled equipment. You would not put this rail on an non-cabled single bar trainer, for example.

Poly Pads Are Poppin’!

Poly-Pads-Traffic-Signs-Set-of-3-FREE-SHIPPING_pp60_R_246dd0b3Pre-school kids are the cutest gymnasts ever!

They are not, however, paragons of focus.

Preschoolers are pretty much the human species answer to the kitten; which can make running your gymnastics club’s pre-school class feel kinda like coaching constantly popping popcorn. Left to their own devices, kids scuttle everywhere and are easily distracted. 

The solution? Distract them! We can help you work with that!

Young kids love color and shapes — bonus points for animals. They love to stitch together associations between their wild, vivid imaginations and points of reference in the real world. Your job is to take these natural inclinations and weave them into learning the rudimentary elements of life and future gymnastics skills.

Made of tough, non-toxic, durable vinyl, our poly pads can withstand the Category 4 winds of any preschool class. Thankfully, this also makes them super easy to clean after the adorable hordes have gone home to naps and snacks.

Poly-Pad-Sharks-Assorted-Color-Set-of-6-FREE-SHIPPING_pp20_R_246c2df1Our poly pads get their attractive colors and graphics during the molding process – not an easily chippable, superficial layer on the surface –  which works to ensure they stay vibrant class after class after class. When today’s preschoolers become tomorrow’s vaulters, your poly pads will still be helping the new crop learn color and shape recognition, develop focus and find placement orientation. All while they have fun with class warm-up activities!

The colors vary according to the set you purchase. They include: red, yellow, green, blue and purple.


On the Road Again!

Mike and 10.0

The longest running fans of Region 8 boys gymnastics – they helped start it back in the day – Mike and Kappy hit the road this month to see this year’s championship competitions.

First up was the Region 8 championships for boys competing in levels 7- 10, Junior Division April 5 – 7 in Alachua, Florida. Mike and Kappy took the GMR booth down to hangout and talk to kids and coaches and showcase our new TenSport Wave grip for junior boys.

The TenSport Wave grip is made especially for young gymnasts. It’s a single buckle, 3 finger high bar grip with wave design that offers a notch out for the little finger. Regular 3 finger grips are pretty wide which might not accommodate the hand size for a smaller gymnast. With the TenSport Wave grip, the notch nests the little finger in closer to the other fingers making it easier and more comfortable to keep hold of the bar as you Swing Bold!

While Mike and Kappy love talking to everyone in Region 8, there’s another, very special reason they always make it to the older boys championship meet. Mike gets to give away the 10.0 Award to each year’s most deserving high school senior!

Now in its 35th year, the 10.0 Award celebrates excellence in gymnastics, academics and community service. The 2019 winner is Adam Wooten out of Harpeth School of Gymnastics in Tennessee.

Highlights from Adam’s gymnastics and academic achievements include:

  • 3.91 GPA at University School of Nashville
  • Member in the Cum Laude Society
  • Coaches other gymnasts
  • 10th at USA Gymnastics Championships 2018
  • 6th on Rings at J.O. Nationals
  • Region 8 elite team member 2018
  • 5x Tennessee State Elite Team Member

Mike said he was super impressed by the skill level across the board at this competition. Mike says, “One gymnast in particular, Maxim Bereznev of Zenit Gymnastics out of Canton, GA blew my mind!” “At 14, he has the skill level of a much older gymnast!”

That’s not surprising given the gymnastics legacy of his gym owner, former gymnast now gymnastics coach parents. Maxim is the son of Elena and Michael Bereznev and is coached by his dad, Michael. Michael has quite an impressive resume having for a time been the coach of the Malaysian National Team and a coach at the National School of Olympics Trainees in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was an elite gymnast himself for 14 years before embarking on his 32 years and counting career as a coach. No wonder young Maxim took 1st place on the floor at this year’s Region 8 championships. Good genes and great coaching make a killer combination!

The weekend after, Mike and Kappy hit the road again heading down to Savannah, GA to catch boys levels 4 – 6 compete for 3 days.


PayPal Credit Could Be Your New BFF!

paypal2We’re always thinking of ways to help our small business customers bring the best gymnastics equipment and matting to their gymnasts.

Today, we’d like to announce that our website, ten-o.com , has partnered with the Internet’s most secure online payment system, PayPal, to provide you the opportunity to make your purchase using your PayPal account or get a loan for 6 months Interest Free using PayPal credit!

If you’ve been wondering how to get that coveted new vault table, ninja set-up, single bar trainer or the piece/s of equipment or gymnastics mats you need to update your gym, but can’t pay for it all upfront, look no further: using PayPal credit, you can make that happen, today!

Simply pick the items you want and send us a quote request. We’ll send you your quote for the items you’ve requested including any applicable taxes and shipping.

Once the purchase is set up, we’ll send you an invoice through PayPal and you can use PayPal credit, as your payment method to buy yourself some time and pay within 6 months without paying any interest!


Growing Pains

Knee-Strap_jks99_R_1d788c0aGymnastics is a physically intensive sport, frequently begun at an early age, and practiced throughout the years a child’s body is maturing into its adult form. Putting the demands of gymnastics training and performance onto a growing body can sometimes result in orthopedic pain. While this post can’t replace a diagnosis from a medical professional, we’d like to discuss a couple of conditions that are common in the gymnastics community and offer some sports medicine products that can help alleviate the pain associated with Sever’s Disease and Osgood-Schlatter Disease.

Sever’s Disease affects the heel. More specifically, it is an inflammation at the growth plate where the achilles tendon attaches to the heel. Until a child reaches skeletal maturity, growth plates remain open and are more vulnerable to injury.

The name “Sever’s Disease” makes it sound scarier than it usually is. Sever’s Disease is an injury that stems from overuse in a physically active child. For the most part, it’s self-recovering and young athletes can find relief in RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and sports medicine appliances that take some of the stress off of the area and help reduce inflammation.

Sports medicine products that serve to relieve heel strike pain include the different versions of a heel cup on the  “Ankle and Heel” page under “Sports Medicine Supplies” on our website. Heel cups can be inserted into your everyday shoes and used with your tumbling shoes or the various braces and socks on the same page. Pairing them with a compression sock is a great way to get the support, stabilization and inflammation reduction of compression gear while holding your heel cup where you need it.


Shoot for the stars!

LITTLE-STARS-VAULT-BOARD_t109ls_R_241d3af0Successful gymnasts are forged in the gym with hours of practice, hard work, discipline and dedication. They start young and they put in the work.

Just like the big stars of gymnastics world: Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez, Gabbie Douglas, Aly Raisman and Madison Kocian. They started small.

Some will aim for college scholarships, meet victories, personal bests. Some will dream of the Olympics. Some kids just play after school with their friends and burn off energy without paying much attention to how much gymnastics brings them physically and socially. It’s all in good fun.

No matter which gymnasts you coach or who they will grow up to be, we know your goal is to capture their imagination in your gymnastics gym.

That’s why we’ve come out with the newest member of our equipment family: The Little Stars pre-school vault board!

This vault board *really* is for “Little Stars”. That is, it’s built for kids who are 50lbs. and under. It’s to get young imaginations flowing while their physical coordination is developing.

Rec programs, pre-school, special needs. Anyone under 50lbs. will delight in jumping on this 5 mini-spring, gorgeous star-carpeted vault board.

(Let them get the bouncing out of their system, safely in the gym, rather than on their bed or the couch at home!)

At 20 inches wide x 30 inches long, this is Goldielocks’ perfect sized vault board for younger gymnasts. The longer crown and shorter length are just the right dimensions to get small children’s muscles learning and remembering how to hurdle and punch.