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The Hottest Thing in Firefighting Training!

GPalt3Many acts of death defying skill and bravery end up on gymnastics mats. Not all of them involve gymnastics.

Many acts of death defying skill and bravery end up on gymnastics mats. Not all of them involve gymnastics.

Fire departments use resi pit mats in their skills and safety training efforts. When training new firefighters to offset the physics of jumping out of a window or to survive the fall when the floor of a burning house has given way, fire departments use resi pits as staging mats in drop and roll skill drills.

For those readers who aren’t up on all the gymnastics jargon, a resi pit gymnastics mat doesn’t necessarily mean a mat set into a hole in the ground or a mat surrounded by walls. Don’t let the word “pit” throw you off. Resi pit is just what we call it in the biz.

A resi pit mat is simply a Very Thick Foam Mat. Our By GMR resi pit mats are typically 24in. or 32in. thick. Inside, we use a channel or ripple foam design that’s specifically engineered to provide the softest landing by allowing air to escape through mesh side panels as it absorbs the force of a falling gymnast or… firefighter! The channel foam design is built to give — producing a much softer landing than would be the splat of landing on a hard, solid foam block. 


Better Spotting on Deck with ByGMR!

Adjustable-Spotting-DeckEffective gymnastics coaching means getting in there and making corrections to body positioning for both safety and aesthetics. Gymnastics coaching is a hands on business. Describing actions with words, alone, only takes you so far. The real changes happen when coaches get up close and personal allowing their athletes’ bodies to feel the desired alignment, as they move through the skill.

That’s where your ByGMR spotting deck lets you, literally, step up to the task!

Our gymnastics spotting deck features a 2ft x 4ft full platform that provides 2 feet on either side of your single bar trainer, allowing the coach the stability needed to straddle the bar, should they so choose, so they can manipulate bodies in motion, in real time.

Giants, blind changes and pirouettes are staple skills in advanced gymnastics bar work. Having their coach by their side can jumpstart a gymnast’s confidence as they approach trickier, at first more frightening, skills. Knowing their kid’s gym has top of the line, professional tools to guide their child through more advanced moves soothes a parent’s nerves, too, as they watch their child grow in their gymnastics training.

Our gymnastics spotting deck doesn’t hinge up or retract nailing down that added stability you want from a spotting deck. For safety and comfort, it comes padded with 1 3/8 cross link foam. 2 clamps and 2 spinlocks keep it locked in place for the safety of the gymnast and the coach. Most gymnastics gyms leave their decks in place because it is such a useful piece of equipment when shaping, but it is removable should you need to take it down. We offer removable and non-removable spotting decks for your professional gymnastics body shaping pleasure!

This spotting deck’s super stable construction uses 2 jaws in opposite directions to make this puppy rock solid until You Choose to Move It. Gymnastics gyms are places with lots of things happening at once and time is of the essence when keeping classes on schedule. To take it off, two people use a tilting motion to disengage it’s pit-bull like jaw features and it’s removed quick and easy for busy coaches in a dynamic gym club environment.

It’s so solid that gymnasts can also use it to climb up to the bar. After all, most gymnasts are not built like basketball players! Lol.

Gymnasts are also not divers and should not attempt to do anything silly like dive or somersault off it. Really! No back layout full twists. Save that for floor ex!

By GMR on the Spot!

They’ve mastered the the round-off-back-handspring, now they want to do the really BIG stuff. You can see they’ve got that fire in their spirit, but they’re a little afraid. What do you do?

Strap ‘em in and string ‘em up! One of the best sets of training wheels is the gymnastics spotting rig!

Over-Head-Spotting-RigA spotting rig is a set of ropes and pulleys suspended from the ceiling that are attached to a spotting belt which a coach uses to support gymnasts as they learn and execute flipping and twisting moves. Spotting rigs help gymnasts incorporate advanced elements that are used as part and parcel of a gymnast’s routine or as end bits that put the bang in a dismount for all sorts of gymnastic events such as uneven bars, beam, parallel bars, trampoline, floor and rings.

In addition, to your spotting rig’s many merits instilling flips and twists into muscle memory, spotting rigs are worth their weight in gold for what they do for your gymnasts’ mental state. Fear is a factor when it comes to gymnasts taking their first flights forwards, even more so, backward.


HUGS for Gymnasts with Special Needs!

splits needs

Every coach knows gymnastics helps kids get stronger physically, mentally and socially and that it provides opportunities to develop skills they’ll use later in life.

But, did you know that’s *exponentially* more the case for kids with special needs?

Did you know that there’s something for everyone in the realm of gymnastics, no matter their level of physical ability or intellectual development?

HUGSThat’s what 30 year veteran coach of special needs gymnastics, Cindy Bickman, owner/operator of Chattooga Gymnastics and Dance, told us when we spoke with her about how coaches and industry leaders can better serve any and all who seek to explore gymnastics.

Mike and Kappy have known Cindy for ages. Cindy works tirelessly and with great joy to help gymnasts with special needs. She helped foster the special needs components for USA Gymnastics 4 All programs. Her athletes compete in the Special Olympics and represent the US in international events like USA Gymnastics’ World Gymnaestrada. She and her athletes work hard to promote adaptive gymnastics and the mainstream inclusion of special needs gymnasts around the globe.

Please read on to see what Cindy says about working with non-typical athletes at your club.


Hot Diggity Dog!

regular hot dog beam

Decrease their fear factor! Increase your fun factor! Our six inch “hot dog beam” brings out the beast in your athletes!

Half the height, 2 inches wider and just as long as a competition sized balance beam, our hot dog beam comes with the same suede covering and padding you know and trust. Our By GMR, exclusive, hotdog beam is brilliant for teaching beginner gymnasts, old gymnasts new routine skills or any athlete getting a feel for those next level moves.

Your regular sized competition balance beam is 4inches wide. While 2 inches may not be a mile, they sure can feel like it when you’re doing back handsprings or switch leaps! Physically and psychologically, those extra 2 inches can be a big confidence booster while your gymnast works out that she *really can* do the thing. Once she’s mastered the hotdog beam, it’s only a mere two inches to her dreams on the competition meet sized beam.


The Battle of Bull Run

Pardon us while we BRAG (Bull Run Academy of Gymnastics) about our latest Sag Bed Pit System install:

It went like clockwork.

We worked with the owner, Mary and Drew Henry, for over a year to plan everything down to the most minute detail. Every spring, pad and piece of foam was cut to spec, made in the color of your choice and right there when and where we needed it because we offer a Total Turn Key System. We talk about how important it is to plan ahead in our Call Before You Dig post. We can’t emphasize it enough. If you’ve ever put together a piece of IKEA furniture, let alone cut a hole in your floor and filled it with a trampoline bed and foam, you’ll know what it means to have everything at your fingertips fit to form.

When designing their new gymnastics pit, we talked with the Bull Run’s owners about what they wanted to train into it and what they were looking to get out of it, besides safely decelerated gymnasts.

They said they wanted one big, mega, multi-purpose pit to train vault, rod floor, beam dismounts, spring floor, a tumble track, a single bar trainer and a 7ft x 14ft inground trampoline. Basically, everything leads to this pit. We said: Okay, we got you.

They said they wanted their pit to be on par with big gymnastics star universities like University of Florida, LSU and UGA. We said: Cool! We designed the gyms for UGA and LSU. We did LSU’s custom pits and mats in 2016?

Now, Bull Run Academy of Gymnastics in Warrenton, VA is the only independent, non-university gymnastics training facility with an 8 foot trench bar mat like those found at the top shelf, college gymnastics programs.

Their shiny new all-purpose, gymnastics pit measures 19ft x 34ft x 7ft deep. Most pits are six feet deep, but they wanted a college degree trench bar mat, which is 7 feet tall, so they dug the pit sized to accommodate it. Their pit also features a shallow, resi pit area connected to it, that you see is set up on the specially designed deck in the photo below.

bull run first pic

Some gym owners build the different levels into the actual pit pit or hole. Bull Run wanted to do it differently so they built a deck for their 24inch resi mat. This pit is also unique in that the trench bar and its massive mat are on the other side of the resi pit.


Texas! Where the Great GATs Be!

Good GAT! That’s the Gymnastics Association of Texas conference we attended this past August 31 to September 2, 2018. It’s also where we kicked off our celebration of GMR Gymnastics Sales 40th Anniversary!

mike, kappy, gary

Folks joined us at our 40th Anniversary fancy decorated table where they got the best candy schwag at the convention, Ferrero Rocher chocolates with limited edition GMR 40th Anniversary stickers! This picture is super special because we’re standing with our good friend, Gary Heartsfield, who actually got Mike started in the gymnastics equipment business way, waaaaay back in the day. 

Aside from dominating the candy game — who doesn’t love a fine chocolate in a cookie shell, rolled in chocolate and sprinkled with little nuts? We brought a number of gymnastics themed goodies to play with.